7 Questions To Ask Your Painter

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Estimate in writing?
Fierro Painting will meet with you at your property and write you an estimate. Your estimate will arrive in a timely manner and it will be very detailed as far as areas and surfaces that are included in the price as well as the number of coats that will be applied.

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Is your work warranted?
Fierro Painting stands behind all of our work and we warranty each job. You will receive a three-year written warranty.

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Do you have references?
Fierro Painting can provide the names and testimonials of numerous local clients who are happy to give us references.

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Are you insured?
Fierro Painting carries $1,000,000 coverage in order to protect you and your property from any liability due to property damage or personal injury when we are working on your property.

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What is your communication process?
When you have a question or concern all you have to do is call 512.259.7155 and Fierro Painting will be happy to speak with you seven days a week. We can also email you with progress reports as well as scheduling.

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We do not utilize subcontractors like many of the franchises that are out there.

Fierro Painting will never hire undocumented workers but unfortunately that seems to be a standard practice in the Austin Texas area for painting contractors.

We are a family owned business that believes in old fashion personal service with a commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship.

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Paint quality?
We only use the highest quality materials we don’t use contractor grade paints. Fierro Painting knows that contractor paint is less expensive but we also know you get what you pay for. Spend a few extra dollars now and your paint job will last longer and look better.

We have a standard preparation sheet that we use for all our jobs. We also will write a paint specification for each job and will recommend the number of coats needed for each area as well as any addition preparation we may find at our initial meeting. The scope of work is written based on each individual job.


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