Glaze slows down the drying time of paint and allows time for faux finishing techniques to create a wide array of stunning effects on interior walls, doors, trim, and furniture.

Glazing makes paint transparent so that one color shows through another. The color of the base coat affects how a color looks on top.

If more glaze is used, the more transparent and lighter the colors will be. If less is used, colors will be darker and more opaque.

Styles of Faux Glaze include:

Color washing








From Las Vegas, Nevada with Barth White (who is the master craftsman for many resorts in Las Vegas including the Bellagio, The Venetian, Wynn and many others) to classes in Houston, Texas at Definitive School of Art and right here in Austin, Texas at Austin School of Faux Finishes, Ray Fierro has studied with the best. Ray has worked for decades transforming residential homes as well as commercial properties.

Fierro Painting has the knowledge and expertise to convert your home into a showplace.

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