Crown Molding and Decorative Trim

Fierro Painting can also help you with decorative wood trim and classic designer moldings to accent your home. A small decorative accent like crown moldings or updating baseboards can really go a long way in adding value to your home.

The time to make changes to a room is before painting begins so Fierro Painting has made it easy by offering these services to you. We have several samples of crown moldings and baseboards already painted so you can see how a little trim can dramatically change your whole house or maybe you just want to improve your special room.

Crown molding is one of the most important architectural elements used to define any interior space. Every room will benefit from it’s presence. Crown molding creates a smooth transition from wall to ceiling and can positively improve the overall feel of the living space.

Want to add some elegance to your home while at the same time, raising it’s value? Fierro Painting can also install base boards, chair rail and other decorative trim and replace rotten wood on exteriors.