Fierro Painting

Standard Interior Preparation

  • Fierro Painting shall coordinate and supervise all painting work using best skill and attention.
  • All surfaces shall be properly prepared to a clean and sound substrate by accepted trade methods.
  • Surfaces not meant to be painted shall be masked or otherwise protected.
  • Surface imperfections, such as cracks in wood, scratches, and dents, shall be indistinguishable from existing surfaces.
  • All paint shall be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation. Whenever preparation exposes the substrate of a surface to be painted, the surface shall be spot-primed, using the manufacturer’s recommended primer, to ensure uniform appearance, color, and sheen of all finished painting work.
  • All trim shall be sanded between coats to promote adhesion.
    Lines between finishes or colors shall be true and sharp.
    All painting work shall proceed in a normal sequence. As painting is completed in a particular area, that area shall be restored to it’s original condition.
  • No painting materials or equipment shall be stored on the owner’s premises without authorization. Painting debris shall be removed on a daily basis.

We put a lot of effort into proper preparation to keep your home spotless.